Sunday, 24 August 2014

Wet and worn-out weekend

The view from my front window this morning. There is a system moving through the southern part of the province bringing lots of rain and much cooler temperatures.

I think (I hope) we're on the edge of it.  We're only forecast to get 20 mm (3/4 inch).  Other areas, south of us, have already gotten 50 mm, with more expected to fall today.

Unfortunately those areas have had more than their fair share of wet weather this summer and more flooding is expected.

Our temperatures have dropped like a rock this week, from highs of near 30C (86F) to just 12C (54F) today.  When I got up this morning it felt a little chilly in the house.        

It's a good day to stay indoors, do a little baking, and watch football.

I mixed up a batch of apple spice muffins.  They look a little anemic don't they?  I think the oven was too warm so they baked too quickly, without browning on top.  Oh well, they taste pretty good.

I used a basic muffin recipe from my Canadian cookbook. This was my parent's gift to me when I graduated high school.  That makes it...37 years old.

As you can see, it's well used, the spine is broken and yet it's still my go-to cookbook.  I bought a newer version a year or so ago and I still use the old worn-out book.

Speaking of worn out, I finally broke down and visited the doctor's office on Friday.  The diagnoses is tennis elbow.  Of course, I had to use the well-worn joke, "I've never played tennis in my life".

The remedy is continuing to use the arm brace, icing the arm a couple of times a day, taking an anti-inflammatory for pain and lots of time.  So except for giving it a name, the doc told me nothing new.  And yet, today it feels better. Weird!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're having a lovely weekend, when so much of the summer has been cool and wet...or just cool. I don't mind cool, but not cold, thanks. 54F is too cold for August!

I hope you don't get heavy rain or flooding. I know some areas, especially in the States, have had terrible flooding.

Muffins...I can't make a decent muffin to save my soul, gave up many years ago. Even when I barely mix the batter (it seems), they still end up dry.

Tennis elbow...Is that bursitis of the elbow or something similar? Could it be a reason for early retirement? LOL. Wishful thinking. :-)

Katnip Lounge said...

I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook that looks MUCH like yours! Scott has decided that my baking is safe to eat (for YEARS he shunned baked goods) so much so that he sneaks cookies in the middle of the night!

I've settled on aspirin for my back issues...surprisingly it works the best.

Olga Hebert said...

The thing about those old cookbooks is the memories they hold.

Old Kitty said...

Awww sending you tons of healing positive vibes for your elbow!

As for these muffins - they look plump and totally scrumptious! Love your well worn and well used cookbook!

Yep, rainy, wet, grey over here too! Take care

John Bellen said...

The muffins look good to me, especially fresh from the oven. And they'd have been good over the weekend because we were having the same sort of weather as you.