Saturday, 16 August 2014

Random Saturday

This week has been painful. I'm still not sure what I've done to my right arm (since I refuse to go to the doctor again) but it is still giving me grief.  I've been wearing the brace and resting the arm by limiting use.  Typing is slow as I try to use one hand.  Hence, if you haven't seen a comment from me in the last week, please know I am still reading, just not commenting much.

The wrist is less achy, though the elbow and shoulder are still sore. Of course that may be my fault, as I painted my daughter's old bedroom last weekend. I finally found the perfect color chip at Rona.  It is called Berber carpet, which is odd because Berber refers to the loop not the color.  But in any event, it nearly matches the original color.  The room needed to be painted as she had marked and taped the wall (four years ago) to repaint it and never got around to it.  With the normal scuffs of daily living and removal of the tape and pencil marks, it desperately need a refresh.

I'm planning to turn the room into my craft area, and have slowly been moving things up from the basement.  I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, but since moving here I really haven't done anything. Then there is the sewing machine that has been gathering dust for years.  Maybe if it is within easy access, I'll get back to using it again.  At least that's the hope.

We've had heat all week.  Temperatures have been in the high 20's, low 30's (Celcius) with humidity making it feel 5-10 degrees warmer.  The humidity is unusual, as it's normally dry here, but with all the rain and flooding this year, it's not surprising.

I love the heat and humidity except at night.  I don't know if I'm merely feeling the heat or if it's a hot flash/night sweat!  All I know is, it's uncomfortable.

The forecast is for rain today of about 10-20 mm.  Of course it will rain, it's the weekend, and the Rider game is this evening.

I don't know if I believe that every cloud has a silver lining.  But sometimes things turn out better than one might think.  A few weeks ago, the parking lot next to our office was converted from a mix of daily and monthly parking to monthly parking only.  I've been parking there for years, initially with a month-to-month contract.  Then last year sometime, the monthly rates were raised to the point where it was less expensive to park at the daily rate.  So I cancelled my contract.

Then the daily rates were increased to $12 a day.  I kept parking there as it was convenient to the office and since I'm usually spend a week up in Saskatoon each month to six weeks, it was still less expensive than a monthly contract.

So I was really p'od when I couldn't park there anymore.  The nearest lots are a couple of blocks away from the office, so less convenient especially when winter arrives.  One lot doesn't provide electrical service but another does, but both are less expensive to park in.

As I was walking to the office the other morning, I had epiphany of sorts.  I realized that rather than causing me a disservice the parking company actually gave me a gift.  Not only am I getting a little exercise (not much, but a little), but I'm also only paying $8.35 a day to park.  It is costing me between $60 and $70 less to park every month.  Bonus!
While it is tempting to take my savings and go shopping, I've got some painting left to do.

When the kitchen cabinets were installed (nearly two years ago), the molding on the part wall was removed from the living room side.

I had found some gray paint but it didn't match so I just did a line at the top.

Today, I'm going to repaint this wall.  I am NOT going to paint the rest of the living room. When the time comes for that to be done, I'll be calling in assistance.  I'm nervous enough on the step ladder and the peak of the ceiling is waaaayyyy too high for me!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, the aches and pains. I could do without my own, wish you speedy healing.

West of Manitoba--that's where the heat is. It was so chilly here in the house the past couple of days that I actually thought about turning on the furnace. I didn't, but I don't ever recall an August this chilly, either. I like summer temps on the cooler side, but this past week has been ridiculous.

What fun, to have a craft room again. Good luck getting it set up. I hope your daughter is doing well.

Parking...I don't remember what campus parking is--pricey to use the underground lot, almost as pricey to park above ground. More than my monthly bus pass, at any rate. :-)

Good luck painting the wall, seems straightforward enough. OMC, how I hate painting trim and cutting in. I don't ever want to paint again, but two of the upstairs rooms will need to be done at some point. Bleh.

Katnip Lounge said...

What is UP with getting older and achier? I never used to groan...and that's getting out of BED!

I think it just takes longer to heal, nowadays. Take it easy painting, the above-the-shoulder stuff can be killer.

Maybe you should stock your craft room with cakes and coffee and we'll all visit and kvetch about our aging bones!

Olga Hebert said...

It is great fun to have a craft room--so nice to have dedicated space. Mine is now storage for my son's worldly possessions, but someday I will get it back!

I have finally decided to stop doing the painting and hire it out. I am even thinking of having the carpets professionally cleaned. Never thought I would be so extravagant.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sure hope all your pains go away. I didn't go to a doctor till too late and now I am in month 8 of a sore shoulder. Can only hope you do go. Wish I had.

John Bellen said...

I'm sorry to read about your pains. Chronic pain is annoying as well as painful because you know it will always be there, though I hope yours is lessening.

Our humid heat wave is ending - or at least taking a break - starting today. My airless work space is less suffocating. The job is just as stifling, though...