Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Not a wordless Wednesday

If you hear screaming coming from my direction...don't worry, I'm just trying to cheer up!


Fuzzy Tales said...

That good, huh?

Take heart, you're not as bat-shit crazy as the woman who was volunteering with our unit for a short time. LOL.

Hope the day improves, it's early your way yet.

Arkansas Patti said...

Always wanted to try that. Let us know if it really woks.

John Bellen said...

Would I get a raise that way?

Kea said...

Eileen, responding to your comment on my post:

I do have a couple of coworkers I like, one of whom has been amazing support through the years. But I still wouldn't "miss" her if gone. LOL.

The only one I *would* miss is my former cubicle-mate, though she's in another department.