Sunday, 31 August 2014

Not the same Sunday

It was the same old, same old kind of week.  No matter how hard I try, things at work continue to drive me crazy.  My friend C says I need to learn to laugh it off, but frankly, laughing seems like a lot of effort.

On the home front, I'm trying to get my craft room into shape.  I went looking for my sewing machine in the storage room, which is the last place I recall seeing it, but it isn't there. I've checked all the closets, the back area of the basement, and cannot find it anywhere.  I've only got one more possibility - ask my daughter.  She has a tendency to "lend" items to friends, even when they don't belong to her.

I'll get my chance to ask her when she comes over this afternoon to do laundry and watch the Rider game with me.  I hope she knows where it is.

Weather wise, it's been a mixed bag.  Cool and wet, warming up, then cooling down again.  On Saturday, just as my son was leaving for work a brief thunderstorm rolled in.

It was pouring so hard the gutters couldn't contain the water and it spilled over onto the patio.  The photo shows the line of water.

Within minutes the storm had passed and though it remained cloudy for most of the day, we didn't get any more rain.

Today, I've been putzing around the house, doing a little tidying, while watching Criminal Minds re-runs.  So far, at least two of the episodes are new to me.  Or maybe that's just my menopause memory kicking in.  The Rider game starts in about 90 minutes, so you all know what I'll be doing then. ;)  Go Riders!

It's been a pretty average weekend, but as the title suggests, today is a different kind of Sunday. Tomorrow I don't have to go to work because it's Labour Day weekend, with the Monday statutory holiday.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have an extra day off!

I'm hoping to finish the craft room, maybe even put a couple more pages in a scrapbook for the cats I started years ago.  But if the sun is shining I'll take my coffee and a book out to the deck and enjoy a few hours of the last few summer days.  Ahhh...what could be better than a day just to do as I like.

Have a great week everyone!


Olga Hebert said...

It drives me crazy when things just seem to disappear. I have no one to blame though as I am the only one who moves stuff around. Enjoy the day off!

Rian said...

We have that problem at our house also... *things disappear*. We think it's gremlins... or sprints? Maybe Poltergeists?

Fuzzy Tales said...

I remember my old boss telling me (last winter) I had to develop a thicker skin and let things slide off me. I wanted to tell him he could go f*** himself. Can't laugh things off, it's not my personality and at 50, I'm not going to change now. On the flip side, the closer we get to retirement, perhaps the more we *can* shrug and say "whatever." It means no longer giving a sh*t about what we do, though. I'm not quite there yet. Maybe in a handful of years? Or not.

Too bad I can't beam you my little sewing machine, though it's a basic one. No interest in it, haven't even tried to use it years. Good luck finding it!

Enjoy the extra day, Eileen. My rage-o-meter already is in the red danger zone with the neighbours all back. Nothing untoward, just the usual noise, but I'm back to singing awful, violent little ditties and wishing Karma would hurry up and bite them on their moronic asses.

Oops. Need alcohol. LOL.

Take care.

John Bellen said...

I'm back to work now, but that extra day was wonderful, wasn't it? I always have chores to do around the house on weekends, but the third day of a long weekend is always free of work for me. I love that.