Saturday, 30 April 2016


I think I can safely say spring is definitely here ...I had the snow tires removed from the car yesterday!  While we haven't had snow since a dump in early April, the tire shop was very busy and I had to wait nearly two weeks to get an appointment.

Yesterday I spotted this guy resting in my backyard. As I've mentioned I've been feeding the birds, and the rabbit has been cleaning up the spilled seed underneath.

This spot is very shady and filled with gravel.  I believe that the first owners of the home used it as a dog run.  The last owners built a potting shed so there is very little space left.

Since I've lived here I've been emptying out my pots back there.  I tried moving some ferns into it as well but there simply isn't enough sunlight.

The catmint does well though!  I'll keep trying with some shade loving plants but it's definitely the least attractive spot in the yard....unless Mr. Bunny is back there.

I had a bit of a scare last weekend.  I'd been up several times in the night, feeling quite dizzy.  When I woke in the morning the room was spinning and walking or even sitting was a challenge.  I waited a half-hour to see if the dizziness and nausea would pass and when it didn't I called my daughter.  I didn't have a headache, but with my family history of stroke I thought it best to see the doctor. She sent her new boyfriend over to take me to the walk-in clinic.  On our way there I was feeling even worse so we headed for the ER instead.

After triage I was sent back to the ward to wait to see the doctor.  Obviously they weren't concerned about stroke as I was there for nearly 90 minutes before anyone saw me. I didn't know it however, and was quite upset.  My nausea was getting worse,, and I was up pacing when he walked in.  I guess he didn't care for how I was breathing (rather quickly) and he insisted I climb back into bed.  I did, but when he tried to make me lie flat I tried to not do so as the position made the room spin more.  I recall grabbing him by the arm and saying, please, please make the room stop spinning.

Shortly after he left I started throwing up.  It made me somewhat better but the room continued to do its revolutions.  Then the nurse came in, inserted an IV, and gave me saline and Gravol.  While that was doing its work, another nurse came in and asked if I was feeling anxious.  I think I said I don't know, so she gave me a shot of  Valium.  (I think my near panic attack made the doctor think I needed it).

I'm pretty certain I was out like a light within minutes.  D's boyfriend came back to see me at one point, and I was awake enough to tell him to go home as I had no idea how much longer I would be.  Sometime after that I was asked to walk across the hall (that was fun - I was dizzy and stoned) to another area with recliners where I was given a blanket and went back to sleep.

About 4 1/2 hours after I arrived the doctor came back to see me.  He gave his diagnosis of Positional vertigo, gave me a sheet of instructions for an exercise to do three times a day, told me I could leave the hospital and then he was gone.  I had to flag down a nurse to ask if they would remove my IV, then got dressed and took a taxi home.

I spent much of last weekend sleeping, not certain if it was the drugs or just from the emotional overload.  I've been faithfully completing the exercise three times a day and the periods of dizziness have lessened.  I went to work all week and managed fine.  I do find that as long as I give myself time to become accustomed to a different position I'm okay.  Information I found on the Mayo Clinic website says this can last for a few weeks or months...oh yippee!  However, now when someone calls me a dizzy broad, they'd be right. :)

I did get some work done in the garage yesterday, getting rid of some garbage, recycling, and sweeping out the winter's accumulation of dirt.  I moved the table and chairs out to the front patio, though they'll need a wash down before I'll be able to use them.

The front flower bed is beginning to show signs of life, though unfortunately so far its just the weeds.  I'll be heading out there shortly to start digging some of those out, just as soon as the curling match is over.  Yes, I'm still watching curling though this is the last weekend!

The neighbours are busy with spring yard work and renovations as well.  Next door there is a crew putting in a new driveway, while at next door on the other side the contractor is working to put in new windows.  There was also a truck delivering supplies just down the street.

Across the street I can see mom, dad and their five year old out watering their trees and cleaning a vehicle.

If they had been out a little earlier in the day they might have seen this little fellow.

I took this from my front window so it's a little unclear.  He/she certainly blends into the bushes.

As the title of my blog would suggest I've been a bit impatient this last while.  I've been longing for spring to truly arrive, to see the fresh green of new leaves and shoots, so I can get outdoors and start digging in the dirt.  Yes, it was a gentle winter with little snow and few really cold days, but the lack of color can be so depressing.  Going somewhere with the bright blue of the ocean and the lush greenery of the Caribbean is why I so enjoy a winter holiday!

Though I've only been dealing with it for a week, I'm feeling somewhat impatient with feeling not quite right.  I find myself sitting down frequently waiting for the "movement" to stop.  I don't really feel dizzy, more as if I listing to one side or another as the floor dips and sways around me.  Oh well, this too will pass...someday.

Hope your weekend is going well, with lots of sunshine!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Funny Friday

Normally I post a cartoon but this time I just have to share this video.  This woman, Mary Maxwell, is hilarious!

Take a few minutes to watch it, I'm be surprised if you don't enjoy it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

This, that and another thing

The weather is much improved today, with lots of sun and warmer temperatures.  I think spring has finally truly arrived.  The trees are displaying their buds but so far the only green is in the fake grass in a couple of yards in the neighbourhood.  In the summer their yards look so lovely, with the lush green grass but boy do they look out of place in the spring.

I haven't seen the Merlin hawk again but have heard it a few mornings.  The bird feeder is still seeing lots of visitors, but unfortunately the sun room has taken a couple of lives.  I went out this evening to barbecue and found two birds lying dead on the deck.  I checked Amazon and placed an order for three packages of maple leaf decals, which were even on sale!  Fingers crossed they'll help keep the birds away from the windows.

Of course, while I was on Amazon I did a little more shopping.  I ordered a set of 100 Crayola markers.  No, I'm not planning on opening a day care.  I've been bitten by the coloring bug.  I find it so relaxing to sit with my coloring book and pencil crayons.  I like the pencils; if I make a mistake I can use the eraser to correct it.  But the intensity of the colors isn't there, so I'm thinking the markers will be brighter and more intense.  

This morning I sat and colored as I watched the quarter finals of the Grand Slam of Curling.  I thought curling was done for the year but discovered there is this event this weekend and a Championship event in two weeks.  I don't have to worry about withdrawal for a little while yet!

Work is still work.  We made our move to the third floor from the dungeon basement two weeks ago and I'm so much happier.  I am the only supervisor with a window's caused one of my peers to make a couple of snarky remarks but he can't say too much as I had no choice in it.  My manager and her boss made the decisions.  I suspect the fact, I willingly took the worst space in the basement had some influence on their decision.  What they probably don't realize is I've not had a window seat since 2010.  I chose at that time to move to a cubicle without windows to get away from a very nosy employee.  

The desk space we have is slightly smaller than what we were accustomed to, and I have fewer drawers for storage.  But over the past few years I've rid myself of most of the paper.  I find I prefer electronic storage's much easier use a search function to find.  The new desk can also be raised so that I can stand and work.  I really like that option and have used it a couple of times in the past week.  

Finally, I'll share an image I posted to Facebook today. Today has been a good day, but sometimes I need to remind myself to look for the blessing in every day. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Wild life

The title for this post comes from the photos I'm sharing, but I have a story without photos to share first.

On Thursday, I had my nail appointment booked after work.  I arrived at the mall about 5 minutes ahead of schedule and was walking towards the doors when I noticed a woman getting out of her car.  She seemed to be heading for the mailboxes, when she suddenly turned around as her vehicle started rolling forward.  I think I stopped for a second, as she tried to get into her car, but she wasn't able to get in, and fell backwards out of it and ended up under the back wheel.  I ran to the vehicle to apply the brakes to keep the car from rolling over her, but when I arrived the back tire was resting on her one of her legs.

This was a newer car and I couldn't figure out how to reverse the car, but thankfully a man came and took my place.  He moved the car just a few inches and she was free.  She tried to get up, but by this time there were a few people around and we all cautioned her to stay on the ground until help arrived.  One woman called 911, while the pharmacist from the Shoppers next door explained to the woman that she needed to be checked out.  There was a moment of humor when the lady on the phone described the car as a gray Toyota....she was quickly corrected by the woman on the ground that the car was a BMW.

The police arrived and we could hear the ambulance on its way.  An off-duty EMS officer was passing by and she stopped to see what she could do.  At this point, I figured I wasn't needed so left my name and number and headed into the mall for my appointment.   It's amazing how quickly things happened, as I was right on time!  Though my heart was beating a little faster than it would have been otherwise.

On to the rest of the wild life...

I hung a bird feeder in the backyard a few weeks ago - the birds have been flocking back with the mostly nice weather and the cats, especially Saku love to watch them.  I can see it from my kitchen when I'm doing dishes too.

Yesterday, I spotted something bigger at the bird feeder.  I wasn't able to catch a photo of him/her while it was chowing down on the bird seed.  I may have to move it a little further out.  Though I suspect it'll find a way to get to the food supply.

I don't mind squirrels as long as they stay out of my attic.  But the birds stay away when the squirrel is filling up.

I think this little bird is Pine Grosbeak.  It doesn't look exactly like images I found on the web, but is pretty close.

There are lots of these around, along with sparrows, and a gray bird with some black that I didn't recognize and haven't been able to identify in my search.

At one point, this bird was one the feeder looking into the sunroom toward Saku who was watching from his stoool.

This blackbird would not turn aroud for me.  I love their markings and the song they sing.

It's time for me to start walking the path along the creek again, as the blackbirds sit in the reeds and sing.

They've been enjoying the feeder as well, along with grackles.  (In fact, I just glanced out the window and there is a grackle sitting in the tree above the feeder right now).

However, last weekend I had a visitor I'd rather not see in the neighbourhood.  This is a Merlin hawk who landed in my front yard evergreen last weekend, along with her breakfast.

These birds have a unique call, "kee, kee, kee", which I've heard several times this week and again this morning.

These hawks prey on smaller birds, so by feeding the other birds I'm providing this predator its own feeding zone. It makes me a little sad, but I guess it is part of the cycle of life.

I enjoy seeing the wild life in my yard, and listening to the birds call and sing from my chair on the deck. Though I usually see a bunny or two in the yard each spring, they have been scarce this year, even though I've been putting out some food for them.  My friend C says they're at her house several blocks away.  She says one of them is very large, so either it fared very well this winter or she's about to see baby bunnies soon.

Well, I guess I'd better turn my attention to the wild life inside the house...those dust bunnies are getting pretty big too!  Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday Funny

You may have seen this before as I found it on Facebook.  I'm in agreement with nine out of ten of these. How about you?